Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Toddlers and Dogs

   Interesting combo I have to say.  I am thankful for a trained dog so I'm not as concerned with Addison smooshing the dog but I still don't want her to make the dog miserable.  Nugget was fully trained to work with an Autistic child before developing allergies in Georgia.  The second day here was so cute here because Addison had a couple toddler fits and the dog kept getting between us and bumping into me and acting so concerned.  I finally realized she wanted to "help".  I had Nugget lay down on her side next to Addie as she cried and put Addie beside her and let her pet Nugget as she settled down.  Interesting... it made them both settled and happy!  Nugget gets LOTS of love from all but Addison in particular seems to "need" her sometimes!  I watch closely as she gently "pets" Nugget's eyes and mouth???  and I redirect her to the dogs back!  Nugget is dealing with her very well and knows I'm watching and will sometimes look at me like, "Really??"  I will say having a gentle trained dog is turning me into a dog person slowly but surely.  Maybe it was just too much doing a puppy with babies and toddlers all around (ya think? duh!).  Anyways, here's Nugget and Addie relaxing last week.  Paul was talking with the boys and looked over and there they were.

Just chillin out!  Addie was sucking her fingers and playing with Nugget's fur while Nugget slept on like no big deal!  They stayed like this a good 10 minutes. I'm starting to love this dog!

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Holly said...

Priceless picture! See...dogs are great!! I'm not sure our Samson would have that much patience, though. : )

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