Friday, September 23, 2011

Staff Development

  Yesterday I took a "staff development day".  A day suggested by a book I was reading to get school things back in order (or your house if need be).  It was just what I needed, although I could use several more to be truthful.  I met my cousin for coffee for a half hour before she had to be to work and then did my Bible study. After that I dove into planning and book lists and writing assignments.  I dropped things off at the Home School Building, checked out their store's used books, swung by a shop for a bagel and did some more planning.  After that I hit our library and searched for tons of books, placed some holds and wandered for a bit.  Finally home hours later I still feel like I could do a thousand more things but at least the next week or so is planned and the next couple of months I have an idea of where we're going!  I think I may have to purpose to do this once a month... I feel much better about where we're that I know where that is!!

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