Monday, September 19, 2011

The Cottage

   We had a chance to go to a cottage with Paul's brother this summer and we had a ball!  The first thing you may ask is, "How do you pack for a large family??"  The answer...


We all fished, swam, hung out on the boat and jet ski, tubed and ate way too much!  Carter's highlight??

The water snake he bravely caught as all of the grown men freaked and ran away!!

The low of the trip was when Nana visited and slipped and fell and broke her ankle!  Poor Nana.  She said she wasn't "going to let a little thing like that ruin her day"!! While she was there she loved seeing her boys and their families all together. How's that for an awesome attitude!!  

The little girls did pretty good too!  Miss Addison and Miss Sophia kept us on our toes but really did a great job!  Hope we get to do it again next year... Lord willing, without any injuries!!

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