Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tea Time

   I like tea... love coffee, but like tea.  Sometimes I can drink coffee with no problems and other times not so much.  I'll get really jittery and it gives me heart palpitations :0(  So sad.  Anyways, I was thinking about why I like it so much the other day and part of it is truly the taste and the smell but I do really like to have a warm cup in my hands.  I also like to go get a refill whenever I want and with tea, even if the water's ready you have to wait a few minutes.  Being that I don't have an electric tea pot I have to wait for water too... UNTIL I had this duh brilliant thought... I can use my coffee pot to make tea!!  If you love tea your probably dying at the thought but it works.  I know it's not "proper" but I like it ;0)

This is my regular ol' coffee pot.  I'll fill it up to maybe 10 cups of water and add 4-5 tea bags in the basket where you would normally put your filter and grounds. I set mine on strong brew so it soaks a little longer.

This is our favorite kind of tea.  When I say "our" it's me and the kids.  They LOVE tea (I think mainly because they can add sugar but whatever!).  I like peppermint and chamomile too but if I make a pot full I make raspberry and the kids will grab some when they pass by too.  As a mom I rarely finish a nice warm cup. Suddenly I go back and it's cold.  This is perfect because I can just add in a bit to warm it up.  If we don't drink it all I just throw it in a pitcher in the fridge and wa la, "ice" tea!  I cleaned out the coffee pot so it doesn't make it taste like coffee (although I think a peppermint might be strong enough to make my future coffee minty so I'm not going to try that one).  Anyways, maybe you all know this already but I wish someone had told me long ago!  Consider yourself told!

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