Thursday, September 22, 2011


   This week we welcomed a new family member :0)   Meet Nugget!

She is a 2yo golden retriever who was fully trained with Paws With A Cause.  She was placed with a little boy in Georgia who had Autism but she then developed allergies.  Back in Michigan she's fine but they cannot guarantee she won't ever have issues so they will not place her again.  We have been on a waiting list for 2 1/2 years for a "change of career dog" and got the happy call last week. 

She's very sweet, excellently trained and ready to be loved.  She is housebroken and knows sit, down, settle, stay, come, drop (not so great when it's her favorite ball) and take (which is picking up anything you drop... which is pretty cool!).  We learned quickly that while super trained on a leash... don't expect the same compliance when free! Ha!  Live and learn. 

I'm not sure whose dog she is because everyone wants to claim her.  I am not a dog person and I think she knows because she keeps kissing up to me!  Moses our lovely cat of 13 years is NOT so sure what he thinks...well actually he is COMPLETELY sure he does not claim her!  Maybe someday...but I'm not holding my breath!!  Not sure what we're thinking stress level is over the moon with worry about messing up a good dog!  I thought a dog was suppose to calm you, maybe after a few days I'll calm down!  Right now the kids are learning you can't all call her or give her commands at the same time or else she just twirls in circles not knowing what to do!  That's the most stressful right the kids! Oh, and dealing with a poor two year old who I think feels like she just lost her place as baby!! Who knew I'd get a fully trained dog and have to train kids instead! LOL!  

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Holly said...

Wonderful!!! So happy for you guys, and I would love to meet her!!!

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