Monday, September 12, 2011


   OK, so I know I've been missing in action lately!!!  Life has been really busy!  Carter's football is going well...but busy.  Miss Addison has proven to me that just because you CAN go potty doesn't mean you're ready to be potty trained!  She is back in diapers and a much happier toddler!  It was stressing the poor kid out (and her Mama too!).  I'm amazed at how much there is to do in a day between school and errands and sports.  I was asked to join our church's praise team which I think will be really fun and I was surprised when I asked Carter if he wanted to join me and he said he might like to give it a try!  We've had a few play-dates, started our first Konos lesson and are trying to enjoy the good weather while it lasts.  We found out our lake down the road is getting a total makeover with a new playground, pavilion and grills, fishing dock and splash pad.  What a blast we'll be having!  Still dealing with a few heart issues and trying to make my blood pressure behave.  I cried a lot watching the 9/11 coverage yesterday remembering that day and all the stories.  We are taking the kids to a "healing field" today where 3200 flags will be up to represent the lives lost.  It was hard to explain how crazy that time was to my kids.  Funny, for some reason since they were alive I just thought they'd have some connection to it but lets face it... they were 1 and 3!!  Coming up with some meal plans to make healthy filling meals for our ever growing family and reading several good books. Phew!  See why I haven't been writing much!  I am considering doing the "Maximize Your Mornings" challenge over at Inspired to Action where she's challenging moms to get up early and prepare for the day before the kiddos.  Her line is to "wake up FOR your kids not TO your kids".  I know it would be good... just not sure this night owl can commit!

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the first few days or weeks of school!  I'll try to get back to writing more I promise!!


Anonymous said...

I still really appreciate that you were willing to drive over to my house that day to sit with panicked, pregnant, scheduled to give birth the next day me and think of it every year on the anniversary.

Tami said...

I think of poor you the next day when the world was in chaos trying to celebrate! :0(

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