Monday, September 26, 2011

Clean Windows

   Have you ever noticed little changes that brought you great joy??  A couple of days ago I taught my boys to tag team and clean the windows outside.  Elijah used a broom and brushed all the cobwebs away, Caleb took the screens in the driveway and scrubbed and rinsed while Carter got out the ladder and washed and squeegeed.  I did the insides as they did the outside.  Now with 5 children and homeschooling, I honestly can't remember the last time this has been recollection!  I do know it desperately NEEDED to be done and has been on my list all summer long.  Like all things, I took more time thinking about it, dreading it and putting it off than it took to actually DO the project!!  But what has surprised me is how it catches my eye in each room.  It's just clearer and brighter and my brain must notice the difference and pull me back because I'm not really thinking about it.  I'll walk in a room and do a double take and smile.  Amazing how something so simple can make me smile that many times!!

Fall, fresh air and clean windows ;o)  All things I am thankful for today!

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