Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alexander Calder

   Our artist this term is Alexander Calder and wow have we been impressed and inspired by the things he's done.  We've tried our hands at a few.  

First some wire art work... using Fazzodles!
 Caleb's people flat.  He set them up with the baby in a stroller but it was hard to see in a picture but very creative!

Carter's abstract art.

Elijah... being Elijah.

Hannah couldn't resist adding the face and skirt!

  Then we headed out to see a real deal up close!  We visited the La Grande Vitesse, locally known as "The Calder" on a beautiful afternoon.  Although I've been by it many times I've never really studied it or thought of how it was made etc.  It really is pretty cool, and much bigger than I remember!  The kids sketched it and then of course we grabbed some pics.

 Can you see the kids in there all teeny tiny inside to the left?
 Up close.

We have really learned so much and still have more time to dig!  Can't wait to see what else we learn!

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