Friday, September 16, 2011

Hannie's Hair

  Would you be floored if I told you my 5yo has never gone to any type of salon for a hair cut??  I've trimmed it here and there but it's really been left alone for the most part.  Well, since I was going to get mine done we decided it was time for Hannie to come along.  She was SO excited!  She woke up that day and with sleepy eyes said, "Mama?  Is today the day I'm going to the saaalon?"  Aunt Jen is our wonderful hair stylist and works at a great salon so I knew a good time would be had by all... and it was!

So excited!  Notice Patriot the horse is with her of course.  When I asked if she wanted anything special she asked if she could have her hair dyed blonde??  WHAT!!  I said, "NO WAY!"  Aunt Jen said, "Talk to me when you 16."
Sipping a Coke.  How cool is that??

She was very unsure of this weird sink!  You think it's uncomfortable for an adult, try being 5!

 Poor girl desperately wants curls like Addie so Aunt Jen did her best to at least scrunch it and give it good waves.
Pretty lady!
Thanks Aunt Jen!!!

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