Monday, May 9, 2011

A Healthy Challenge

   I reviewed Candace Cameron Bure's book Reshaping it All back in January and was excited to see they started a blog and an online challenge...

    It just started last week so you're not late if you want to join.  Again it is a great book for young and old. I like the idea of an online challenge, not that I know any of these people, but something about knowing others are working on the same goal is fun.  What I really like is it is NOT a program to follow.  It's more about your mind set.  The first weeks challenge was simply to decide YOUR challenge.  Do you like Weight Watchers but never had the motivation to join?  Now's the time.  Do you really need to start doing some cardio???  Get in on the challenge.  Look at the dates, May 1-July4.  It's never too late to join and what a great end date!  A day to celebrate your challenge complete and our independence from bad habits!  They'll probably even shoot off fireworks for you that night!!  Course they may say it's for America's celebration of independence but we'll claim it for ourselves!  Hee hee!

   My goals... I don't have them complete yet but I do know a few.  I'll share them with you soon along with another great book review!  For now head on over to reshaping it all and join the challenge!

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