Monday, May 30, 2011


   So in case you were worried, we have returned from 1989 and yes the New Kids are all still AWESOME!!  We had a ball!  First of all it wasn't sold out (shocker!) so when we got there they upgraded our tickets twice!  We went from nosebleed sides to front row center of the upper bowl!  Here was our view before the show started-

    And this is how happy we were...

It was very fun!

If you want to read a review that totally sums it up (which I'm SURE you do!!) you can check it out here.

After talking to someone I do feel the need to clarify something.  My cousin and I were the most naive and innocent girls you ever met (at least at the time we loved the New Kids!).  Someone told me they went with friends to the concert and as an adult they were horrified at the gestures and words coming from these grown women.  That did happen there but not from us!! The only words that came out of our mouth's were, "Ahhhhhhh!" and  "Wooooooo!!" and a couple "Oh oh oh oh, oh oh o-oh, oh oh o-oh-o. The Right Stuff".

So, now... back to the real world... until next time!

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