Wednesday, May 11, 2011

65 Day Challenge Goals

   For the 65 Day Challenge I decided to...

I know I may miss some days but I also know  I'll cycle some days so it should even out.  Again I'm going for consistency.  Some walks may be slow and quiet and some fast and moving but either way getting out is the goal.

In Leslie's book she talks about the trouble with "grazers" and some people do better with a "traditional" approach- 3 good balanced meals a day.  I know many may not like that but the thought immediately struck a chord with me. Be intentional with my meals (no skipping), make a balanced healthy meal (not just grabbing bites as I sail through the kitchen), sit down (not walk around or teach or watch TV) and eat it.  If I want a dessert with a meal it's fine but I can't be munching on things throughout the day or in front of the TV at night because it's not meal time!  I was a little nervous the first day but was pleasantly surprised to see I wasn't starving in between.  It really is mindless munching for me or lack of planning which means I'm starving and that will always lead me to ice cream over salad!  Confession: right now the evenings without snacks are hard.

I am slowing down with my meals.  Honestly, on Sundays, I usually eat my breakfast in the car on the way to church IF I eat at all!  I NEVER make time for me to eat.  Now I am making sure I have 15 minutes to SIT and eat. Not 15 minutes to make it AND eat it.  15 minutes to eat.  Also, taking time often while I eat to ask myself if I'm even still hungry. I am putting my fork down in between bites and not allowing another bite until my mouth is empty.  Sounds so simple but I really do have a habit of shoving it in quickly to move on to more important things. See, I yell at my teenage son about this all the time but it appears he learned from watching his mother take care of everyone else and then wolf down her food on the fly!

  These are my main 3 goals for the challenge.  I picked up lots of other little ideas I'd like to put into place from Candace and Leslie's books but these 3 are my focus for the 65 Days.  I'm excited to see how it goes.  I am not being terribly rigid. I'm allowing myself to sometimes eat for celebration because... I'm human.  For instance my baby will be two this month and I will have a piece of birthday cake with her if I want, even if it's not at a meal time! BUT, I will not eat it just because everyone else is.  I will also allow myself to enjoy dinners or coffee out with my husband or girlfriends (which happens maybe once or twice a month) but again watching when I'm full and bringing home leftovers.

  My real goal is to put some simple habits in place so over time I can be "healthy by habit" in how I move and eat and not have to spend any time thinking on how to be healthy or "getting back on track".  I want my children to catch these habits and not have to struggle with weight or health all their life like so many in our family have.

 And honestly, I'd rather save the little brain I have left for fun things and following my Lord... not my calories!

Did you pick some goals for the challenge??

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