Monday, May 23, 2011

Do the Work

   I ran across a saying on a blog recently and it has been very convicting.  In fact, I don't like it much!  It's not deeply spiritual but as a homemaker it's deeply personal.  It very simply said,

"The appearance of your home doesn't lie."

   It wasn't even the main point of the post but it just got me.  It's so true... most of the time.  There are days that  I work very hard but the toddlers are faster with the toys and the muddy feet are quicker than Mom.  It can be very frustrating.  However, I must admit, the days my house looks it's worst are the days (notice the plural) I decide not to play keep up.  Some days I don't like that it falls on me to keep order and peace in all areas.  Some days I simply rebel and don't do the work.  The outcome?  Well, it's true, "the appearance of your home doesn't lie". 

 I struggle with consistency in this area for sure.  Today my husband is home on a mini vacation and I just want to sit chill.  I was leaving my messy kitchen behind as that darn quote popped into my head again.  So instead of sitting, I turned around and cleaned it up.  It looks so much better and now I can go sit... well no, now I can get kiddos ready to go volunteer and figure out what's for dinner and and and and.  But it's done and I feel better leaving for other things with a clean house to come home to. 

How's the appearance of your home today?  


Valery said...

Tami, It used to really bother me how my house looked to other people, which will drive you crazy and as I get older I realize it doesn't matter what other people think, it matters what I think, and if you are good with how it looks that's all that matters, enjoy your family and enjoy your hubby while you have him home, all the housework will be there no matter what. Life is just to short here on earth to wear yourself thin by worrying what others think.
Have a wonderful week.


Tami said...

You're very right Val. Problem was... I did think it was too messy! Just didn't feel like cleaning it! Ha! I'm learning slowly but surely! Maybe I'll keep it REALLY clean when the kids are gone... probably not though!

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