Friday, May 6, 2011

My "Mommy Hour"

   Running with an idea here, we'll see how it goes.  I know I often have lofty plans that do not get accomplished... at all!  I am guilty for loving to plan but not following through.  It's true, you feel very empowered planning!  It's the doing that is hard!

   I have had a small list of things I really wanted to accomplish for myself during the day but it just didn't seem like there was any time.  I really wanted a few minutes to close my eyes in the afternoon and enjoy silence.  I wanted to fit in more consistent times to workout.  I really wanted to start doing the Flylady's Daily Mission and I wanted to force myself to sit down and sit still and just relax for even a few minutes everyday.

   I've been tossing ideas around for awhile and then reading one mom's trick to energy being a 15 minute power nap just pushed me over the edge with the idea.  It really is amazing how much you can accomplish if EVERYday you spend 15 minutes on a task.  Thinking on 15 minutes and the small list of things I just couldn't seem to fit in I realized if I did each of those things for 15 minutes it would only take me an hour!  An hour to mark off four things that I really wanted to fit in.  I can easily blow off an hour on the computer or talking on the phone so why not put it to work with things I enjoy and feel good about getting done!

   This coming week I am starting my "Mommy Hour".

15 minute power nap
15 minute Flylady Mission
15 minutes of exercise 
(I'll do some push-ups/sit-ups or I have some dvd's that have short little pilates or stretching etc.)
15 minutes relax with some tea ;0)

    Something about accomplishing these things makes me feel put together .  I feel more on top of things and like I have taken some time to take care of myself.  I am taking it easy on myself and not assuming this will get done everyday.  I want to do it every week day, but starting new habits takes some time.  Also there are days that we have things going on during the time I would normally do this hour so I'm going to have to work around that.  Maybe just make it a goal to do this 3 or 4 days a week instead of all 5 week days or even fit in each one separately where I can on those busy days.  I don't know if it will work or how long it will last but it sounds like a good plan don't you think?!  I can picture my toned ab's, clean house and smiling face drinking green tea right now! Ha!!

What could you accomplish with 15 minutes everyday?

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