Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guess Where I'm Going???

    So you're going to find this out about me sooner or later, so I might as well just confess and get it over with!  I was a New Kids fan all through high school!  I was one of those screaming teenagers with posters like this all over my bedroom wall!

    So you may think that's not so bad.  You can forgive me for poor judgement when I was 15 right?  Well, here's part two... I STILL am a NKOTB fan!  Not a twitter following, poster hanging fan- but a fan all the same.  I'm not alone in this little teenage fantasy.  My cousin and I were best friends in high school and we were in love!  We were going to marry them and live in a duplex together!  We still laugh... I guess we didn't think of being rich and in a mansion, we wanted a duplex so we could still be together all the time!  LOL! We are still partners in crime when we hear they will be on a show or do a concert we text and call each other all giddy and silly.  I must clarify, this does not fill our days and thoughts... we're not that crazy!  But if they're going to be on Dancing With the Stars, you better believe we will be watching!

  We were thrilled beyond words when the did their reunion tour 2 years ago.  We were there!  It was so fun!  It was like a time warp.  Once you were in and the music started it was like being 15 again.  Even the New Kids sang with smirks on their faces.  I'm sure part of them thought we were all nuts and the other part had to enjoy reliving their glory days with people being willing to go there with them!  Honestly, I left and my face hurt from smiling so much!  It was just FUN!  Some "girls" (read that 30 and 40 year old women) even wore their old concert shirts and did their bangs up high in true 80's fashion!  In reality I was 34 and 36 weeks pregnant with my 5th child but in my heart, I was 15 and screaming with the rest of them!

   Fast forward two years and I get a phone message one night from my mom that says, "Tami!!  Tami!!  It's an emergency!!  New Kids on the Block are coming to town!  Call your cousin right away!"  while she laughed hysterically!

  See EVERYONE who knows me well, knows I'll go!  They seem to feel free to pick on me about that but I think they are jealous that I'm willing to be stupid  care free without worrying about what people think!  Now it's even better because the Back Street Boys will be there too!  I've never been a huge fan of them but I always appreciated them carrying on the boy band tradition!  I know a handful of their songs and truly I don't care who is with "my boys" as long as it gives them an excuse to tour again!  I can't believe they are for the most part in their 40's and still dancing :0)

   Anyways, if you're looking for me Thursday night I will be getting a very grown up dinner at a coffee shop with my cousin and then stepping in my time machine for a few hours to sing and dance my little heart out.  Don't worry... you don't have to come if you don't want to. You can just "Hang Tough" at home and keep doing "The Right Stuff"!  Ahhhh Hhhhhaaaa ha!  I crack myself up!! .


Carrie Roer said...

Haha I love it! :) I can tell I'm a few years younger than you though, 'cause NKOTB were a little old for me, but Backstreet Boys? Oh that brings back memories of high school... :) Have fun tonight!!

Holly said...

LOL!! I have a friend who is just like you! (No, it isn't me, but I did like them too. And my favorite was...John, I think. Was that one of their names?)

Holly said...

Okay, in the picture up there, my guy was the one on the bottom left. : )

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