Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Eat Smart, Walk Strong

   As I was trying to decide what goals I wanted to work on for the Reshaping It All 65 Day Challenge, the one thing I do know about myself is too many goals overwhelm me AND I cheat...on my own plans/goals... A LOT!!  If there is a loophole in a plan, I will find it and take full advantage!

   That being said I didn't want to jump into my goals for the 65 Day Challenge and fail by day 3!!  So I've been really thinking and praying.  I decided I needed some good motivation and new habits. For instance, did you know that walking everyday for 30 mins or approximately two miles can lower your risk of premature death from all causes by 55%!!  No kidding!!  How do I know?  I turned to my favorite exercise lady Leslie Sansone.  I talked about her wonderful exercise DVD's here.  At the library I found one of her books Leslie Sansone's Eat Smart, Walk Strong.  It focuses more on your eating than exercise (I'm pretty sure she has one out on walking as well) and I really enjoyed it.  It's written as a 6 week challenge but I just read through it and gleaned some great tips.

   It's not an "eat this" kind of book.  It's simply full of tips to create good new habits and replace bad old ones.  I'm not horribly out of shape but I know I have really bad eating habits and I'm not a consistent exerciser. I DO exercise probably more often than some but not like I should. Snacking and sugar are my worst food habits and they pretty much go hand in hand!  Also I often eat mindlessly.  I scarf down food when I have a minute and then head off to my next thing or I forget to eat and then I'm starving by evening.  In the beginning of her book she has a little quiz that helps you see some of your problem areas (most of us already know them!) and then each week has a different focus and MANY great ideas and tips.  She tells you to use what sounds like it will work for you and dump what you know won't.  Hopefully by the end you'll have several great new habits started. It also has some great recipes in the back!

 If you need some simple ideas to get you on track this is the book for you.

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