Wednesday, February 2, 2011


   It's Wednesday and I said I would share a health tip or something along those lines, so here ya go.

   Living in the freezing cold makes it difficult to get outside to exercise.  You have to be pretty hard core to go up against windchills hovering around zero.  Sometimes you take a walk or run and feel great and then... you turn around!  The wind was at your back and now the way home feels a million miles away! In the summer my husband and I love to ride our bicycles.  We love to cycle whether it's 60 degrees or 98 degrees.  However once it gets around the 40's or 50's that wind again is pretty chilly and by the 30's it's slick and icy and we tuck our bikes away for a long winters nap.  Then it gets tougher.  I know I feel better when I move but getting out to a gym with 5 kids just isn't top on my list.

    Enter DVDs.  Yup, I'm one of those crazies workin' out in my Family Room!  This year's favorites?  Leslie Sansones walking DVDs.  They aren't crazy, they aren't loud and believe it or not you can get a pretty nice workout in just walking.  You'll find them very inexpensive and easy to find at Target or even Costco.  I found a book at the library this week by her with a 6 week workout challenge I'm going to try.  Here at her website she even has free "walk diets" she does several times a year.  I like this 6 week challenge because it starts at only a mile a day.  Today I did NOT feel like exercising but I could convince myself one mile was not a big deal.  The thought is once it's a habit it will be easier.  Here's hoping.  In all honesty I would not have done it today if it was 3 miles so I guess she knows what she's talking about on that level!
  If you need to get moving for weight loss or stress reduction (and who doesn't need that!), give these a try.  I think you'll really like them.

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