Thursday, February 24, 2011


   Number three in our acrostic poems goes to Caleb.  Caleb is my middle of the three boys and always known as a toddler as "me too".  Whatever his big brother did or said he would do or say too!  Now he's becoming his own man and that's hard sometimes when you're 10. Interesting fact about Caleb's name, when in labor we still didn't have a middle name and I remember exactly where I was standing having a contraction and all of a sudden I said, "How about Matthew?"- after my contraction of course!  Matthew is MY nickname believe it or not.  My brother had dyslexia and would write Tam as Mat sometimes so I became Mat the brat ;0).  If the phone would ring my mom would call, "Mat!" and if I was being a dork she'd call me Matthew. When I played sports I would go by Mat.  Add to that Paul's mom goes by Mattie and my grandma was Maxine and often went by Mattie. So Caleb is more often called Mattie or Matt by me than anything else. Around the house he is also known as Buddy (Elijah named him that as a toddler because he couldn't say Caleb).  SO, we could have done any number of names for his poem but we stuck with Caleb!


   Caleb's poem I think is our best.  It is totally him.  He is so sensitive and caring.  He is fantastic with babies and toddlers because of how gentle and caring he is.  He loves to draw and is known as the best drawer in the house.  He's always laughing or trying to make someone laugh and has the funniest belly laugh ever.  Hands down the boy will be an engineer of some sort.  He can make, create or fix just about anything.  And he is truly the best brother any boy or girl could ask for!

In pictures...

Lego master!

Best brother to all!

Like I said... engineer.  He made this up on his own.  No plan or pattern just a pile of wood and some tools.  Shoots awesome too!

Caleb has a deep and growing faith.  He worries often about doing something wrong to disappoint God.  Law is understood by Caleb.  Now we work on understanding grace.  Although a shy guy, if he opens up someday I know he could change the world!  Can't wait to see what God has planned for him.
Love you Buddy!

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