Friday, February 25, 2011

Tuna Canoes

   On Wednesday I was searching for a "green light" lunch for us and made the yummiest tuna!  We served it in homemade pita pockets and I should have taken pictures but we ate it too fast!

  First here is our pita bread recipe.  I made these the day before.  Then for the tuna this is what I did-

2 cans of tuna drained
red onion chopped
several dill pickles chopped
1 can northern beans drained
Mrs. Dash garlic blend seasoning
Hellman's Olive Oil mayo

 We mixed that all up and then stuffed a romaine lettuce leaf in the bottom of the pita, filled with the tuna and stuffed in some red pepper strips.  It was really good!  I wasn't sure the kids would like it but they did and they named it Tuna Canoes!  The boys all had seconds and even the girl's liked it.  Addison (1) had some of the tuna in a bowl, a warmed up pita cut into triangles and some red pepper strips to munch.  I was so proud of her eating like a healthy lady!  The beans helped stretch the tuna so instead of 3 or 4 cans we only needed 2 and we got some extra fiber too.  If you have a smaller family you could easily save the leftover tuna for another day.

  This will definitely become a weekly thing in our house.  Give it a try!

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