Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Healthy Eating Challenge

   This should be posted tomorrow but oh well.  We are going to try a little healthy eating challenge for the next 21 days.  They say 21 days for a habit to set in so that's what we're going to try.  We eat pretty healthy.  Probably like... 70-80% good whole foods.  We still enjoy our sweets a little too much and will get a pop at least once or twice a week.  We also will do fast food maybe 2-3 times a month.  Not terrible.  But, with more sitting in the winter and having 3 out of 7 in the family who easily put on a few pounds when not careful, I've noticed a little pudge, a little slow moving and a little too much munching and dessert making!

   Instead of going too crazy we are going to try a balanced approach.  We are going to eat what we call "green light foods" (from Dr. Sears book Eat Healthy Feel Great) also known as whole foods, God Made foods or in the words of Jillian from Biggest Loser, "anything from the ground or that has a mother" 4 days a week.  So Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.  On the other days we will still eat well but allow a sweet, pasta or lunch meat on a sandwich etc.

   Elijah has been dealing with a lot of reflux lately and Caleb has issues with that sometimes too.  After some reading up on this way of eating I'm hoping we can at least lessen their symptoms.  From what I've read your body has a hard time processing... well processed foods.  Something about giving your body a one to two day break from that kind of stuff helps in digestion and elimination.  Here's hoping!

   Our biggest struggles will be with lunch ideas and cutting out the munching in the evening.  We like a dessert to munch while we watch TV at night.  We're going to try to have no food after 7/8:00 to help with the night time reflux as well.  That will be my biggest struggle for sure!  We will allow exceptions if company comes or we go to friends homes on "Green Light Days" but we won't just blow things.  We'll try to make the best healthy choices we can with what is available. For example, we will choose water over pop or juice etc.

   I'm being a little strict with carbs.  Basically homemade breads and tortillas will be allowed but store bought breads and tortillas (even if whole wheat) will be saved for the other days.  I know breads like Ezekiel bread are very healthy but it is way too expensive for our family.  I do make homemade bread, tortillas and pitas when I have time or feel like it.  I may just have to start feeling like it a bit more!  Our other challenge is Paul can't always get to a microwave at work so I'm going to have to be creative in finding filling things that don't need reheating for his looong 12 hour days... hmmm.

Tuesday's Menu
BF= Swiss Oats (we love this)
L= Baked potatoes w/ veggies and cheese or beans on top
D= Crock-pot fajitas made with chicken and veggies on homemade tortillas

Snack ideas for these "Green Light Days"- plain yogurt with fruit, veggies, fruit, string cheese, hard boiled eggs, hummus with veggies or homemade bread/tortilla/pita

   If you're interested I'll list some of our other menu plans in the future.  I was pleased to see many of our staple dinners are "green".  Lunches... not so much.  Breakfasts are pretty good but we need to replace the processed syrup with real maple syrup (yikes! pricey!).  I'm hoping this will be a life long habit for us all and we will notice some good health benefits.  Thankfully my kids are pretty open to healthy foods.  We've had and used Dr. Sears' book for many years and they all often ask, "Is this a green light?"

Wish us luck!!  Join us if you'd like!


Christy said...

We are so similar, it's eerie. lol. Here are some more snack ideas:

BTW, our dhs have the same name too.

Tami said...

Great snack ideas Christy! I think the same thing when I read your blog- even being done with 5 and not sure where I stand on that topic ;0)

Wallers said...

That's a great book. The stoplight really helps kids understand what's good to eat, what's bad and what's ok sometimes. Thanks for the reminder.

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