Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Shameless Plug

   I've now talked to many friends and even met strangers who I find out are friends of friends or family who will say, "I love your blog!"  It's so great to hear!  I am loving writing it :0)  If you're reading it often, would you mind looking to the right and you'll see a section that says "Followers", and click that you're following.  That gives me a fun way to see how many are reading.  AND, you're learning a lot about me, but I don't know you!  Feel free to leave comments!  If it's not allowing you to comment it's probably because you don't have a Google account.  A Google account is free and will allow you to have an email account and all sorts of stuff (that I never use), but it will also simply allow you to leave comments at most blogs that are a blog.  I have ways to click and see how many people have looked at my site and what country they are from (which is really cool!) but I don't know how many are "regulars" or just happened upon my site. As a follower I will  know that you at least stop by often.  And I also had a few people ask if it's OK to tell others about my blog and the answer is- of course!  Share away! Hope it's blessing or at least entertaining someone out there :0)

Have a great day! 

1 comment:

Holly said...

I tried asking people to write comments in one of my posts too, and it didn't work...I hope you have better luck with that! ;) I think most people are just more comfortable being anonymous for some reason. Not me. I'm a talker in person, and a talker in blog world! lol

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