Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Musical Blessing and More

   I LOVE music.  Two of my friends and I use to sing at different churches together when I had only one and two children.  It was SO fun! Then Miss Pam moved :0(  and we haven't done it much since. One thing as a singer I always wished I knew was piano.  I can't plink out the simplest tune and that is frustrating when trying to learn a song.  I have always wanted my kids to learn piano too but unfortunately with 5 kids and 1 income it just didn't happen.

   Enter in Christina!! Yay!!  Christina loves music ALMOST as much as she loves the Lord!  I asked her if I could barter anything with her to teach my kids and she said she would love to teach them just because!!  I am insisting I bring dinner for her family the evening she helps so when we leave she is not then cooking for her family of 8!

   I'm super excited to maybe learn right along with the kids and curious to see who loves it the most and learns it the easiest.  Not only did God provide a friend who loves music to teach them, I hopped on Craig's List last night and found a keyboard perfect for learning for quite a bargain.  I am quickly becoming thankful for the fact that the keyboard can have headphones plugged into it!!  They can't keep their hands off of it!

   So Thursday starts our grand adventure.  Paul and I spoke today with amazement in how God has provided for our little family.  The boys wanted to play basketball and we really couldn't afford that times 3 kids and all the running... no thanks.  Enter Mr. Z who decided to start a small homeschool basketball group of 2 teams to learn and scrimmage.  It was by invite only and it was free!  The boys got the invite and LOVE it. It's one night a week as opposed to 3 and did I mention free!  Then I mentioned on my online homeschool support group (some of my best friends!) that there was a geography curriculum I was looking at and Anne pipes in she has it, doesn't use it like she thought she would and would be happy to give it to me!  So I'm paying shipping only and super thrilled to try it out. In the midst of paying bills and unexpected expenses that bring us pretty much down to nothing at times in the bank and often to our knees in prayer, I am thankful beyond words for these little things that keep our life feeling... I don't know... normal.  It seems normal to afford piano and basketball and at times it feels very strange to not be able to do the "normals".  I can say, sometimes not being able to do things IS the blessing as well!  We're learning everyday.  For today I am thankful for the unexpected things we get to do because of the generous and loving hands and hearts of those around us.

God cares about and provides for even the little things!  Why does that always seem to surprise me??

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Wallers said...

I know what you mean. I popped over to your blog from the Moms of Many group, its so fun to read others adventures. I've got 5 too and I never put 2 and 2 together as having a "handful". The next time someone says that I'll chuckle and say "literally" ;) Love it. Thanks for your thoughts.


Christina said...

Awwww! Praise God! I love how He provided a keyboard and everything! You should bring it over today too! I would love to take a look at it!
We look forward to seeing you all! :)
Just to say this....I truly enjoy your blog Tammy! What a blessing it is to read every day!

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