Friday, February 18, 2011


   I said I'd share our Acrostic Poems with you over the next little bit so here is Carter.


  Excellent is because even as a toddler he wanted things "right".  He doesn't always like to work that hard for excellence but lucky (or unlucky, not sure) for him most things come pretty easy for him.  The "ruler" we laugh because again even as a toddler he was very quick to tell us the rules and keep us to them.  If we said we were going to start reading the Bible at breakfast instead of the evening you better believe with Carter around you WILL be reading the Bible at breakfast PERIOD!

  He's growing now and Paul and I are really enjoying the changes.  Yesterday he had his first workout with Dad lifting weights.  They've both been looking forward to him being old enough to do that and have been waiting till he was a bit older so it would be good not harmful to him.  They were down in our storage area on the Bowflex for an hour or so and I could hear them talking the whole time about goals and form and all that good stuff.  Paul even called me down to check out his "awesome form".  They had fun and as a mom it was fun to watch (and hear) their interaction.

Carter in pictures...

Always the Lego man.

Figured that one out WITHOUT just moving the stickers like his mom!

Our funny guy being the "ruler"... get it... see the ruler in his hand!  Weirdo!

   One fun thing I'm enjoying with Carter is the conversations we're having now that he's getting older. I like sharing why we made some of the parenting choices we have with him and getting his view or opinion.  The other day he asked me why we never let him do the Harry Potter books and movies after seeing a commercial.  I shared with him that we didn't like the fact they made witch craft good or bad.  Witchcraft is bad period.  I told him the stories are pretty good and Daddy even read some of them before we made the decision and he enjoyed them.  Our choice was made because as a youngster he (Carter) never did anything a little bit.  He didn't like space, he was known by all as the "space kid" and he knew every fact about it.  We didn't want him in over his head with Harry Potter at a young age.  I continued to share that now that he was older if he really had a desire to read them to let us know and we'd talk about it.  He listened the whole time and then went on to say he understood the stand on witchcraft and then laughed that we were probably right with it taking over his time.  He sat for a few minutes and then just said, "Hmmm, if I want to read them I'll let you know."  I think it's a pretty cool place to be when we can talk about our choices and his, and have real conversations.

  I look forward to the future, working together to find and fulfill God's purpose for his life. I think the Lord has big plans for him ;0)

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