Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Curriculum Week- History/Science

    This one I am soooo excited for this year.  My husband and I LOVE history and our children do too.  We love to read about it always, but this year we will be trying something a little different.  We will be trying Vision Forum's study course on The History of Christianity and Western Civilization.  Check out this preview...

    We are super excited to try this out.  We just purchased this last week as it was on a great sale (thanks Jodi for the heads up!!).  I'm not sure this will wait for the fall!  We may dive in right away!  My hope is as we go and the kids show an interest or questions in what we are learning we will slow down and dig deeper as a family.  Hit the library, search online, whatever we need to find out more.  When we have quenched our thirst and curiosity in that area we will move on.  This is how we usually do history and we love it.

     I will say, for any of you looking into Sonlight, we really did enjoy their curriculum this year.  They had some really great reads and the kids have learned a lot.  We chose to "stay on track" and not slow down as we went through history and that is one thing I would do different if we do Sonlight again in the future. We also have used Truth Quest before and really enjoyed that too but would often get stuck in a time period with so many great books we never moved forward!

   Science is a little up in the air right now.  We like the look of  these and are leaning heavily towards them.  We also have used and loved in the past the Apologia Science Young Explorer Series.  We've done Astronomy and a bit of the Botany book.  We may pick up in the Botany book along with the DVD series mentioned above... we'll see.

   So there ya go!  Our history and science picks for the year. 

   So how about you?  What are your favorite science and history choices for your family??

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