Thursday, February 3, 2011

Curriculum Week- Foreign Language

   This post will be rather short and sweet ;0)  We haven't done much in the ways of foreign language so far in our homeschool journey.  This year Carter will start off on a new adventure.

   We own the Rosetta Stone Spanish program and assumed we would dive right in years ago.  It really is a great program but we ran into two problems with it.  One is when we used it with our younger children and they were on their own they would tend to mispronounce things for some time before we realized it.  It was actually quite cute because if they couldn't make their mouth say what it was suppose to they would turn it into fast English that sounded the same.  Caleb insisted something was "a-stuck-again-doe" LOL!  So we put it away for a couple of years and pulled it out this year for Carter and had Paul working with him.  It was going well BUT, Carter has NO interest in learning Spanish!  (I know, I know!)  It just wasn't worth it to him or then to Paul and we had to ask ourselves why.  Why??  Well there are many good reasons why, I guess the real question was why now?  To that we didn't have a good answer so we packed it away again.  It will be pulled out in high school for sure... I think.

   We do know we'd like our kids to be working on a foreign language as they get older and so we asked Carter what he wanted to learn.  Well, no surprise to us he yelled out GREEK!!  I know, he's a strange duck.  Then we started thinking... if our end goal is for them to truly know the Lord as savior and friend and use His Word as a plumb line for all things... wouldn't it make sense to study a language the Bible was originally written in?!  Yes!  We've (read that I) have been doing a lot of research on this and we have decided on trying the program Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!.  I know nothing about Greek so we will be learning side by side but I'm actually really excited to see where we go with this.

  I'll do an update once we get started.  I'm hoping this program will be great to work on together but also something Carter can do on his own if I'm busy wrangling toddlers and teaching phonics.  I have a feeling the younger boys will want in on it soon as well.  We'll see how it goes!


Christy said...

I tried to do Latin with the boys a couple of years ago. Mason (8th gr) had some interest but Noah (4th gr) did not. This year, we are doing Rosetta Stone Spanish and they both really like it (6th & 10th).

Holly said...

Greek...WOW! I have thought about Latin, but I don't know. I will be interested to know how it goes for you!

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