Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Book Review- Reshaping It All

   I wanted to share with you all a quick review of this book I am reading.  It's called Reshaping It All by Candace Cameron Bure.  Remember little DJ Tanner from Full House??

   More likely you remember her heart throb brother Kirk!!

   Now that brought you back huh?!!  Anyways, this is Candace now...

    Not the same chubby teenager you remember huh?  In her book she shares how she learned having a healthy body and healthy habits was much more a spiritual issue than she ever imagined.  She shares great tips, stories and recipes.  It was very inspiring.  I flew through it quite quickly and tried her roasted broccoli recipe tonight and the whole family gave it a big thumbs up!  Healthy, yummy and quick...SOLD!  Candace is sold out for Christ and shares the story of her walk in faith and the things she's learned and is still learning about being a wife, mom, actress and most importantly a child of God.  If you need a little post new years motivation this might be the read for you!  It's at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and I found it on a great sale at a local Christian bookstore.  Definitely a good buy.  Check it out :0)

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Holly said...

I love her! She is an amazing lady with a great testimony now. Both of those Cameron kids are living all out for God now. I knew I had great taste when I was in love with Kirk Cameron! lol

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