Friday, January 7, 2011


    Next week I plan on sharing with you some of our schedules, routines and chore/school charts that keep our days straight.  If you know me well you know I LOVE talking schedules and routines.  I love organizing things like that and I really like to ask others how they do things.  I'm always looking for ways to make life easier for all of us.

    As I was looking through what we use and what I would be sharing next week I had to laugh.  On my charts and routines of course I am on there too with all sorts of well thought out ideas and plans but... MINE rarely get done!!  I am usually too busy watching over everyone else and directing people that I never get to my stuff!  That  even included not getting my shower yesterday!

   So for all you SAHM's out there, I am so with you!  Whether you homeschool or not.  Whether you have 5 children or 2 (for we know that children expand to fill the space they are given- so 1 can feel like 5 some days!). It is so great to plan but realize it often doesn't get done!  For many years I have thought I just needed more discipline but I've come to realize what I needed was to either get real or trade my kids in for adults!  Kids challenge and complain and need direction and distract you and frustrate you and crack you up and and and!  A schedule or a routine or a chore chart are there to give your brain a rest from thinking through all these things over and over again.  Unfortunately what they don't do is make your house or your kids perfect (darn it!).  I should add or you!  It won't make you perfect either.  I know, what a bummer huh.

   Next week I will share things that make our life easier WHEN we do them.  There's your confession.  We don't always do them and they don't make our home life look like we could drop into The Sound of Music unnoticed.  We could be there when the kids are hanging from trees or tipping over in the boat, but that's about it :0)

Have a great weekend!

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