Thursday, January 27, 2011

Creative Kids

   One thing I often get comments on is how creative my kids are.  They are always full of some strange BIG idea.  I'm not sure why they are this way, just how the good Lord made them I guess!  In the past I've struggled with ideas for them.  Being someone who loves Charlotte Mason style education, I have often felt a failure when coming up with "handicraft" ideas.  I still have a hard time with that for my boys but luckily they usually don't need my help!!

This is Caleb's latest creation using some new tools he got for Christmas.  He did not follow a plan or design, it was all him.  It's an awesome catapult and shoots from one end of our Family Room (or Kitchen) to the other!

This was all of the kids turning the girl's cottage into a roller coaster.  They would put someone in it, close the cottage up like it's suppose to be for storage and rock it side to side and back and forth.  It was pretty funny. The Monopoly money then came out because of course you have to pay for your ride!  Carter took the camcorder inside and recorded it like he was wearing a helmet cam!

Of course, Lego creations are always being made.

And last week we took the day off of school to build a... ah... I don't know what it is!  A giant snow tower.  Caleb is the one on the ground and he is 5 ft. tall!  They were out from 9am, came in for a 1/2 hour lunch and were back out until a late dinner at around 7!  When I came home from the store that late afternoon I could see the tower a block away!  I came in and asked my husband if the kids were now speaking different languages because it appeared they had built the Tower of Babel in my front yard!!

So is there a point to this post... NOPE!  Just thought I'd share some cool pictures of the crazy things my kids come up with! Hope you have time to be creative today too!

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