Thursday, December 9, 2010

My New "Whiteboard"

    I have wanted a whiteboard on an easel for the last year or so.  I have a little table-top one that is just not big enough anymore.  We've looked here and there and found them to be flimsy or really expensive!  I tried  a child's size easel but it was too low for the kids to see at table.  Then I had this genius idea!!  A friend was talking about her kids loving window markers and while I didn't have those, I had a box full of dry erase markers. I decided to be daring and give it a try.  Well it worked like a charm.  It wiped right off!  BUT it didn't show up very well.  With the light coming through, the trees, grass and all of that in the background made it hard to see.  So, step two, I found a poster board I had lying around and I taped it to the outside of our slider.  Perfect!  The slider is right at the table where we do school and I can easily go out and tape the poster board up and take it down.  It's not pretty but it works!

   I just use duct tape and when I take it down I simply stick it to the back of our schoolroom door. I haven't even had to replace the tape yet.  I'm sure everyone once in awhile I'll need to.  Like I said, not pretty but works great!  We use it for spelling rules, verses to copy, brain storming... all sorts of "stuff".  The added bonus is you can put your one year old up on a chair next to you and give her an eraser!  As I teach and write I'll lean over and scribble on the other side of the slider or write letters and she'll erase them.  Keeps her entertained forever!

   I'm sure I am NOT the first one to figure this out but it was so helpful to me I had to share!
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