Monday, December 27, 2010

Another National Holiday

    So, few of you may know that the day AFTER Christmas is yet another national holiday... my husband's birthday!  He tells the kids every year it's the best day of the year!  I've heard about the horrors of having a Christmas birthday from him for years now.  It's pretty funny actually.  He's a great story teller and will sometimes have you believing you actually COULD walk uphill to school both ways!

    We had a great day as a family yesterday just relaxing (and finding the floors and counters under all the scraps of paper and new gifts laying around).  We slept in after having every intention of making it to church!  Addison NEVER sleeps past 8/8:30 but apparently after almost a week of either missing or being woken from naps and missing normal bedtimes it caught up to her. So our "Addie alarm" didn't go off until almost 9:30 and amazingly the rest of the family slept that long too!  We did head out to the store to pick up daddy's gift to himself.  He got something for Christmas and wanted to get an additional part of it as his birthday gift.  So I drove us around while he called various stores to see if they had it.  While trekking around I stopped and used my new gift card for Biggby Coffee!!  My happy place :0)  Then I drove around "Miss Daisy" wherever he pleased! That in and of itself was pretty funny because he always drives when we're together.

    Once home we had leftovers for lunch and watched the Lions WIN!!  Yes you heard that right!  The first time they've won 3 in a row in like 6 years!  So that was his second birthday present of the day!  Then I baked him a German chocolate cake (because you do NOT have anything green or red or with any signs of Christmas on a cake for someone with a Christmas time birthday... you will NEVER hear the end of it!!). As it was cooling his Mom showed up with some authentic Mexican and Puerto Rican food that he loved and has grown up eating.  He's hoping I'll learn to cook some of these things from his Mom.  It's a whole world of things I've never heard of!!  Curious?  It was Rellenos De Papa, some REAL Spanish rice and Mexican Mole (pronounced mo-lay). Pretty tasty I must say and doesn't sound too horribly hard to make... we'll see.  Then we sang Happy Birthday and he had to take three breaths to blow out all the candles!  I took all the kids birthday candles, like the 2, 5, 7- you know the big candles that say the number, I added that up and then put singles for what was left along with a "too old to count" candle!  Ha!  I get to pick on him all year for being "so old" and then for one month we are the same age and he picks on me.  I so enjoy the fact I get 11 months and he only gets 1!!

   All in all in was a great "holiday"!  We also had a fantastic Christmas and are so thankful we still have a week to recover before heading back to the school routine... course we have New Years in there too.  Not sure how recovered we'll be!  We won't complain though!

   Well, we're off to watch The Sound of Music.  It was on TV last night but too late for us so I ran out and got it from the video store.  Hannah watched the beginning and it was hard to pull her away.  It appears that, like her mother, she has a love for musicals! Yay!  And because it touches a little bit on World War 2 I even get my big boys watching it!  Score!!

 Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  Enjoy today!

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