Thursday, December 2, 2010

This one time, at band camp...

  Mumbling under my breath- I can't believe I'm going to bat here for "The Park" err...

  I wanted to share a need with you all from a friend of mine.  Her husband is a teacher at Wyoming Park High School in Wyoming Michigan.  When I was in school (goll, now I am officially old!  In a minute I'll tell you how I walked up hill both ways in the snow) they were one of two "well off" financially and very competitive schools in the city.  My school was the other.  Our parents were almost all employed by General Motors and Steelcase.  Anyone who knows anything about Michigan's economy doesn't even need to hear the rest of this story, for those of you who don't I'll make it short and sweet.  General Motors is gone.  It closed down pretty much everything in the area and Steelcase is down to maybe a quarter of it's former employees.  So many houses in foreclosure.  So many families struggling with what to do next.  It's a different town with many needs it never had before.

  Here's where you may come in.  One of the things both of these schools always prided themselves in was their marching bands.  A blanket email was sent sharing that now 2/3 of their students are using school owned instruments and the need is going up.  They may have to turn kids away in the future especially if the economy doesn't change quickly in the area.  Here's their request-

 The band program is in need of your used instruments!  I’m sure that many of you (or people you know) have used instruments that are collecting dust in an attic or storage bin.   Now is the time to put those instruments to good use!  If you would be willing to donate (or, even loan) the instrument for a student’s use, that would be terrific!  Our students will greatly benefit from your generosity, and the instrument will be used to make music once again!

 That is where YOU come in!  Please consider allowing our students to use your old instruments!  We will be sure to get you a receipt for tax purposes.  Please contact me with questions...thank you very much!

Shawn Gurk - Director of Bands: Wyoming Park High School
"Impacting students to be contributing members of society through the pursuit of musical excellence."

Wyoming Park High School
2125 Wrenwood, Wyoming, MI 49519
Main Office 530-7560  (Shawn Gurk)
  Wouldn't it be awesome to just bless them with loads of instruments!  I was a choir girl myself but my husband was a band geek marched and I'm sure like many of you, his mom kept his trumpet and over time I think just donated it to Goodwill or something.  If yours hasn't been "donated or something" please consider passing it on!
  Okay, okay band people!  Settle down.  I was only joking about the geek part!  Band actually rocked in our school so REALLY it's just a joke!!


Lisa said...

Hi Tami!
My sister just gave me her flute to sell on ebay, but I would much rather give it away to a good cause! Can I give it to you to pass on? Oh, I was in band in high school and we called ourselves "band geeks"! :)
Lisa L

Tami said...

Lisa I would LOVE to pass it on! Thank you so much!

Holly said...

Wow, Tami! I wish I had an instrument to donate! And you know the Gurks? I went to college with them. : )

Tami said...

Holly, I actually do not know the Gurks (although the name sounds incredibly familiar). I am friends with the Masts and they both work in the Wyoming Public School system.

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