Wednesday, December 1, 2010


winter clipart snowing

  We LOVE snow!!  And today we got it!  A few inches so far.  Two of the five are out playing now and I'm sure the two oldest will join them when they get home from their friend's house.  Addison (18 months) already has a love hate relationship with snow.  She loves her sister and brothers who are out playing in it but doesn't want anything to do with touching it!  She was the same way with beach sand this summer, refused to get off the blanket!  So she stands at the slider and babbles and then cries.  I'm not sure if she's telling the snow to go away or warning the kids to get out of it.  Hilarious!

  The first snow to stick to the ground means a lot around here.  It means... LOCO HOT COCOA!  We make a big pot of hot cocoa and top it with whip cream and chocolate chips.  Mmmmm.  We make this off and on throughout the winter but always on the first real snow.  In fact I've been trying to hide the whip cream for weeks now waiting for the snow to come.  If they find it, this is what happens-

  They all stand around their Dad like little birds with mouths open and heads thrown back as he squirts it in.  I yell at them and act stern like a mom should while smirking at my husband.  I know these are memories they'll have forever and one day share with their own kids.  I can hear them already saying, "This is what my Dad always did with us." Needless to say I've had to buy several cans over the past few weeks between daddy and Thanksgiving pies. 

 When I woke up this morning and saw the snow I quickly checked the can and was thrilled to see it was full.  The first words out of every child's mouth this morning (besides the one who doesn't talk yet) was not, "snow!" but, "MOM!! Loco Hot Cocoa!".  And of course we did.

 Hope you're having a warm and cozy day!

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Holly said...

Oh, I know...our boys LOVE the snow too!! They were so completely thrilled that it was snowing when we got back from AZ last night!

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