Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Update

   I thought I'd answer a few questions that have been thrown my way and give you an update on our busy weekend.  I have pictures but have to apologize for the quality.  They're all from my cell which is old.

   First our Jesse Tree.  Honestly, it's going... ok.  I think by the time it becomes a habit for us it will be done!  We've been very busy so some nights we aren't even reading the Scripture!  Our older kids know a lot of the stories well so if we can't dig in I use it as a quiz game of sorts.  I show them the picture on the ornament and they have to guess what it represents and when they do they have to tell me the story.  I've been pretty impressed so far.  Now that we are on our school break I hope we will have more time to focus on this.  Oh and the tree is not looking quite as pretty because the climbing toddler has toppled it a few times!

   I've had a few wondering if the Schoolroom still looked nice and neat or if it had exploded yet! Ha! Well, here's a small confession... I hate clutter!!  My floors may not always shine but the house is generally tidy.  Now if you come during school hours not so much, but afterwards everything is put in it's place.  It drives me crazy when stuff is all over and I am known to call kids upstairs a million times to have them put things away as I find them.  So that being said it's working pretty well.  The kids know where things go and are generally putting them back on their own... or when told!  This is how I found it this morning-
      Now our busy weekend!  The boys had their State Competition on Saturday but it was about a two hour drive and they needed to be there by 7:30 in the morning.  We decided to stay with friends who were only 45 minutes from Competition.  We LOVE staying with them and talking late into the night. They love spoiling our kids!  Especially our little girls since they have two boys who are now in high school!  They kept the girls while we headed out all day Saturday.  But first just to make things crazier Hannah and I went and saw the Nutcracker.  Her ballet class was able to get tickets for the school showing and we headed out around lunch time.  She loved it!  Her favorite part was, "all the pretty dresses".  Mommy's least favorite part was my daughter's curiosity with public restrooms and the need to visit them three times in a two hour trip!!

   As for State, it didn't go so well :0(  Unfortunately what the judges loved at Regionals they did not love at State!  They really had a ton of fun though and learned a lot.  I'm not sure they want to put in as much work as is required to go to Worlds anyways.  There were other teams who walked away empty handed after being at State three times now!  So live and learn.  There were a TON of kids and we were thrilled when the other area homeschool team won it all and is headed to Worlds!! Here's a few pics-

   THEN we rushed home that evening asking for prayers because we were suppose to have this HUGE snow storm!  We got home as it started to snow and the kids were all excited (and so was I) to wake up to these 4-8 inches of snow on top of ice from the warm rain that day.  This is what I saw when I opened the window Sunday morning-

   We made it to church no problems!  That afternoon it did get icy and they cancelled lots of events and all the neighborhood kids were hoping for a snow day today but it really looks about the same out my window!  Bummer! 

   Our last big weekend news... climbing girl found yet another thing NONE of my other children ever thought of to climb!

   Doesn't look to bad until you realize she was trying to get on top of this so she could have a short cut up the stairs!!!  Crazy kid!

How was your weekend?  Crazy as ours?

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Holly said...

Hooray! They didn't win! : ) That would make me happy. One less thing. : ) Our kids were so bummed about no snow too. They are getting bored out of their minds staying in the house all the time, since just plain cold is no fun. And...we are doing the Jesse tree too, since you reminded me about it! We faithfully read the Scripture every night, and our tree is in the middle of our kitchen table, but it is empty. The boys have gotten as far as coloring about half a dozen ornaments. We haven't cut any out yet. My plan now is to do them all at one time, kind of like a grand finale...decorate the stick! er, tree!

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