Friday, December 3, 2010


   I was sharing with some friends that my darling husband was bugging me this week.  I couldn't put my finger on it.  He was just irking me.  He kept laughing at me because I didn't have an answer for my grumpiness towards him but I was sure I had the right to be crabby!  I discovered one part of my problem was just being down right tired.  Nothing crazy.  I just needed a couple really good nights of sleep.  Amazing how life changes when you're not exhausted!  The other issue was a lack of planning with him (I'll share about that some other day). 
  In the midst of all this talk Brooke popped in with a great tool I wanted to share.  Someone shared with her in college to H.A.L.T which was not to talk if you are hungry, angry, lonely or tired.  I thought that was such a great way to remember to watch your words.  I must say when I lose it and say things I wish I hadn't or get all emotional, one of those four things are usually at play.  Of course the joke then went- if I'm a homeschool mom of many children and I shouldn't talk if I'm hungry, angry, lonely or tired... I'll be mute for the next twenty years!!!  It IS a possibility!

  Next time you're ready to blow H.A.L.T before you speak.  If you're hungry...EAT!  If you're angry...PRAY.  If you're a friend or pull out your Bible and read and talk to your best friend!  If you're tired...SLEEP!  How often do we mom's not take care of our own basic needs trying to do it all and in the end cause some of our own problems.  Speaking for myself here but I can't imagine I'm alone! 

  Hope this idea blesses you as much as it has me!  Have a good weekend!!

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