Wednesday, December 29, 2010


   Continuing on the fact that it's still cold out with no snow, we did find one thing to do...


     It was kind of a "duh" moment but if it's been so darn cold that does mean ice!  We live about a mile from a cute little lake that the kids like to play at.  Unfortunately from run off it is not a lake to swim in but we play at the playground and skip/throw rocks into the lake, practice fishing (catch and release) and now we "ice skate"!  We didn't bring skates (because we don't HAVE any... well, one pair but it doesn't fit anyone!) but shoes work well.  No puck for hockey?  A chunk of ice works great.  Someone was there before us and even cleared off an area to play on.  I hadn't thought of it until I saw all the ice fishermen out.  It was cold and even though it's only a mile we decided to drive because I was afraid we'd be so frozen by the time we got there we wouldn't want to stay and play on the ice!  Just a note though... 1yo's in snow gear who don't walk too well and don't like cold much... HATE ICE!  Ha!!  Luckily for us there was a play ground.

     Now the boys want to know if we can go everyday!  Ah.... NO!  It's COLD out there!  But we will go again soon, maybe.  Today I was informed it may be in the 40's by the weekend.  See, I told you, it's like February in December!

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