Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mommy Time

  The other day I mentioned being crabby with my husband and part was being tired and part was planning... remember that here?  Well, I thought today I'd share the planning ahead part.

  One of the reasons I was crabby was that I was watching my husband take the time he wanted for himself with no guilt and it really annoyed me! I always wanted a husband that said, "Honey, you work so hard.  Take a break.  Let me do dinner.  You go rest in your room or go out for a coffee.  Let me do."  Well, I really love him but he is not that husband!  But I do have a husband that wants to help me, he just doesn't want to have be a mind reader (go figure).  He also needs a plan.  Springing it on him made him very crabby, which made me feel guilty for going and mad for feeling guilty!

  The breakthrough?  After talking we realized if he knew when I was going out and we had a plan for the evening he was totally cool with it.  We also realized I was feeling short changed.  He goes "out" once a week and plays cards with all the "old men" at my Dad's.  It's actually quite cute.  They are all 64 + and play at noon!  He loves shootin the breeze with the "old guys" and comes home four hours later happy and refreshed.  I don't mind because it doesn't mess with our schedule at all.  It's during school hours for us.  BUT for me to find even an hour seemed hard at times.  Then all of a sudden there was a light bulb moment... if he comes home around 4:30 ish and we work as a team together to get an easy dinner together, I can head out by 5 or so.  Then it's only one day a week for both of us to get a nice break and I'd rather have an evening over an afternoon any day.  I can go to the thrift stores or have coffee with a friend or some days I may even hang out in my room with a good book or phone a friend ( Hi Sena!).  Because he always knows the day it never phased him and I'm downright giddy to have some time. Honestly, I don't even need it every week.  I really like to be home, but knowing it's there and an option I love.

  Doesn't that sound so simple?  Don't we sound so smart??  Only took us thirteen years to figure that one out!  Duh!!!!


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Holly said...

GREAT idea! Although, at our house it's always me who goes and does things, and Scott never does. So, he needs to make the plan to schedule it in!

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