Wednesday, November 24, 2010

School Room Makeover

So we have a "school room"... kind of!  We actually do most of our schooling in the front room or around our kitchen table but we have an extra room that is a playroom/school room.  It basically holds lots of "stuff"- arts and crafts, puzzles, books, paper, markers, books, books and more books.  It's kind of a mess most of the time!

See what I mean?  The dresser is piled high and the stuff on the floor is simply because there is no other place for it.  The 3 stack bin holds the boy's school work but it is always over flowing.  We need to rethink and reorganize.  As I mentioned this doubles as a playroom for the girls.  They don't play in here a ton but I'd like them to.  It's not much fun playing in a mess.

This is the girl's side of the room

This part probably won't change a lot.  The green top is an old toy box full of dress-up clothes.

The goal, make it neater, cleaner, easier to get at things and maybe even some room to do quiet schoolwork or arts and crafts in here away from toddler fingers.  So I'm hatching a two part plan...

New shelves provided by Grandma and Grandpa to Mommy for my birthday (yes I really do like to organize so much I asked for shelves for my birthday and was thrilled!).  The two older boys (12 and 10) are putting it together as I type.  Here's hoping it holds things and is one solid piece when they're done!

My Dad always has odds and ends lying around from some sale or auction he's been at.  You never know the treasures you'll find in Papa's garage!  I'm hoping he can find something to make into a desk or work counter for us.

I know it won't look like a magazine.  The bookshelf already in there is a wood finish and the new one is black and who knows what color the work counter will be!  But hopefully somehow we can make it into a space to enjoy instead of a make shift storage room!

I'll post our "new" room soon... hopefully!

School Room Makeover Pt. 2

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Holly said...

I read your blog and think..I want to be just like her! : ) Of course, I would need to have a school room first before I could even hope to organize it, of course. As it is, I need to organize the living room, where we keep the school stuff. It's on my list...someday I'll get to it.

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