Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fridays at Our House

Fridays at our house run on a whole different routine and schedule.  Each little thing happened one at a time and now it's full of traditions that make the day relaxing, fun and get us prepared for the weekend ahead. 

First off, Friday is a lighter day of school for us.  The older boys have math tests on Friday and no language arts.  We pull out the blank world map and they try their hand at mapping the places we've been learning about that week (Africa right now).  This week Caleb impressed me by mapping Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe, Gabon, Cabinda, Republic of Congo, Democratic Rebublic of Congo, Canary Islands, Western Sahara and a few others.  I was very impressed.  Elijah still heads to South America everytime he looks for Africa!  We're working on it!  We review our memory box and practice any longer memory work- right now they are each memorizing a poem.  We finish up our core work from Sonlight and then I try to find something funny or interesting to read about.  Today we read some funny and inspirational stories out of Readers Digest and for some reason Caleb asked if there were any countries with kings and queens still.  I'm not sure how, but it ended up with a youtube search and watching people make the guards at the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace laugh!  As much as I'd love to blame the boys it's usually me coming up with some weird completely off subject idea... oh well!  We also play catch-up on Fridays.  Whether school or chores, we try to have things tidy and complete for the weekend. Notice I say TRY!  Doesn't always happen, but it's the goal. 

No shopping or cooking ahead this week.  Daddy is working.  Carter still cleaned out the fridge though and found a carrot in the back that could've been science for the day, but after showing it off we chose to dump it and pretend it didn't happen.

According to the kids, the best part of Friday is the evening.  Anyone who knows us, knows our boys love Star Wars.  Well for the past year or so Cartoon Network has a Star Wars the Clone Wars cartoon series.  Every Friday there is a new 30 minute episode and they won't miss it for the world.  We pop popcorn, invite friends and gather around tv and  put up with enjoy the cartoon together.  Since Daddy had to work it was straight to bed after Star Wars. But MY favorite part of Fridays, it leads to...

Pop-tart Saturday!!  Woo Hoo!  Friday nights the kids grab the pop-tarts from the "store" room and put them up on the counter.  We started this tradtion before Addie was born and Paul and I anxiously await when we can enjoy the full tradition again.  The deal is, wake up when you want but DON'T WAKE UP MOM AND DAD!  Help a sibling if they need it.  Get pop-tarts for breakfast and stay super quiet!  It was a wonderful sleep-in morning... then we had a baby again ;0)  Obviously we bargain/beg agree to take turns getting up with Addison.  Over the years the guilt of pop-tarts got to me and we replaced them with an organic brand made with real ingredients but still very sweet and full of unneccessary calories.

All in all, these little traditions have made our Fridays (and Saturday mornings) a day to look forward to! What are your weekly "traditions"?

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Holly said...

What a fantastic day! We don't have enough traditions. We always start with some, but then forget to do them, or get sidetracked onto something else. Plus, this year is just ALL hunkey dorey. But your post makes me want to try harder!

Tami said...

Yeah, for us the traditions we try to make we never remember, it's just the ones that kind of make themselves that stick! Thanks for reading!!

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