Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Hannah!!

My first girl!  5 years old.  We went and got her ears pierced today and she was very brave!  Pink of course.  I thought today we'd share some interesting thoughts about the birthday girl...

She has MANY names!  Hannah, Hannie, Hannie Max, Maxi Burger, Hannah Banana, Maxine, Hanners and then of course she is part of "the girls" and "the littles".  Hannah is often heard in the house hollering "BU-OYZZZ" to get "her boys" attention.  She is very bossy, very prissy and the sweetest lady ever! 

Last week she asked me if Jesus was still in her heart.  I told her yes if she wanted Him to be.  Then she wondered if that meant He could be in nobody elses heart and I assured her that was the best part, Jesus could be with anyone who wanted Him!  Her reply... "OH MY GRACIOUS!!  I've GOT to tell Laci and Grace!" (her two best friends).  Well we were in the car driving and she wanted to go to them but we weren't by Grace and Laci lives in Lansing!!  So I told her we could call them, thinking we'd do that when we got home.  NOPE!  She says, "Mama!!  Give me your phone!"  So we called them from the cell where she told them they could have Jesus in their heart too and "your Mom can help you pray if you want."  It was soooo sweet! 

My house has changed so much since bringing her home from the hospital.  I remember the first week walking out to our living room and seeing her pink blanket and wondering who left their blanket at our house!  It was so weird to have pink... now, not so much.  It seems to be taking over and we love it! 

Hannah keeps us laughing for sure and I leave you with my favorite comeback EVER along with a picture with the new earrings. 

Caleb was picking on her and just being a brother and she was trying to pick back so she did the usuals, stinky boy etc and it didn't bother him at all so after a long pause she said very cocky, "Yeah, well Caleb... you don't even know all your letters!"

Can't get much worse than that when your 5!



Ann said...

Wish Hanna a very happy birthday from her old great aunt Annie. My birthday is Saturday...UGH...I'll be 70. We will have to celebrate together someday. Love all the blogs, Tami. You're a wonderful writer. Keep it up. Love you. Annie

Holly said...

Yea!!! I love blogs, and I am so happy to read yours!!! : ) Thanks for sharing!

pammy said...

SOOO cute.. love that little hannie :) nice pic of elijah! :) thank you so much for adding my website.

izzy said...

Cute kids. I bet they take after there uncle Izzy. Haha. Great blog Tam.

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