Monday, November 8, 2010

Not Me! Monday

So I think this started from this blog  here.  She says, "Not Me! Monday was born out of my desire to admit some of my imperfections and reveal a few moments I’d rather forget. You may find it therapeutic to join in and do the same thing!"  So basically you have to admit everything you did but you get to pretend you didn't!  I love it!  So here ya go....
I did NOT decide Saturday was to be a lazy day and never even got out of my pajamas!  I did NOT let me kids eat Halloween candy and pop-tarts (the pop-tarts were organic thank you very much!) for breakfast.  And I certainly did not sit by and laugh as I watched the 1 year old locate the candy and figure out how to unwrap suckers! Nope, not me!  I did not fiddle around on the computer while said 1yo continued to unwrap multiple suckers and leave sticky, drooly trails all over my house. If I did have a lazy Saturday, I would not sooo lose track of time that after dinner during clean-up time I would not question why on earth my husband was calling to chit-chat and then realize he was on his way HOME at 7:30pm!  I surely would not console myself that it was daylight savings that night and so I could really count it as 6:30pm. I did NOT skip the girls baths and halfway consider skipping church the next morning because being lazy was so fun (don't worry I went!).

Let me say, I would NEVER waste away a day like that... nope, NOT ME!

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