Friday, November 26, 2010

School Room Makeover Pt. 2

Sooooo, I'm sitting in my "new" school room/playroom!  The boys did great assembling the bookshelves without any help (except Mom reminding them that there IS a front and back to the shelves).  It's sturdy and doing exactly what a bookshelf should!  Good job guys!  I spent most the day yesterday organizing this room and putting up Christmas decorations.  Our Thanksgiving is today because Daddy had to work all day yesterday (he ended up getting out early and surprising us all! Yay!!).  So I am typing to you while Christmas music plays and the turkey is cooking.  We'll have around 17 people over in our little house today and I LOVE it!  It's getting easier each year as  a routine takes hold but I still did quite a bit of hollering at people today.  Next year I may kick them all downstairs and threaten their lives if they come in my kitchen or mess up the upstairs!  Not sure that's the attitude I'm suppose to be sporting though!

Anyways!! Back to our makeover here.  My Dad did find a great counter top for us and he and Caleb attached some pipes they painted black for legs and it's perfect.  I found an old picture that use to be in my eating area that fits above it and looks nice.  I had just enough space for everything really.  Want to see??

Not too bad huh?  We are keeping just one chair in here for schoolwork but if the kids want to do a puzzle or craft together we can easily fit two.  Under the counter are puzzles and some computer "stuff".  Crafts, paper, board puzzles and markers all fit nicely on the black bookshelf and the wood one stayed about the same with books.  In the future my Mom gave me the idea to make a long shelf across the top of the two bookshelves and maybe even one more over that if needed.  The drawers you see to the left now house the kids school books and papers and a drawer for Daddy holds all of the bills, envelopes, stamps and such.  The drawers use to hold some of the boys clothes. I used the dresser that was in here instead and freed up 6 tall drawers instead of that huuuuge dresser that filled almost the whole wall.

The girls side did basically stay the same except I closed up their Rose Petal Cottage.  If I leave it open it takes up a ton of space and they hardly ever use it.  Now when we open it it's a big deal and they play and play and then we put it away again.

I really like it.  It feels like a great place to be instead of coming in and feeling overwhelmed.  We'll see next week when we kick back into school if we use it much or not.  Even if we don't use it for school I like that we now have a home for the laptop that usually is floating around the house and a place for crafts and coloring without Addison eating the crayons or finished art project!

What do ya think?

School Room Makeover Pt. 1

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Jay -- Arlington Virginia Condos said...

Looks great but I wonder what it looks like after a few days of use :)


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