Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hamburger Cookies

This weekend we made one of our favorite holiday cookies.  They are super cute, the kids love them and I don't (I don't like chocolate and mint... I know, weird) so I don't eat them- perfect!  I like to take them to get togethers because people can't resist and there is no cooking involved at all!!

Here's your ingredients

A box of Nilla Wafers, a can of vanilla frosting, shredded coconut, Keebler Grasshopper cookies, sesame seeds, 1 egg white and food coloring (red, yellow and green).

Split the frosting into two bowls and add red coloring to one (ketchup) and yellow to the other (mustard).  In a third bowl add a few drops of green food coloring to the coconut (lettuce).
Put each frosting color into a Ziploc type baggie and snip a small corner off.
Crack an egg and put just the white in a bowl. This is to brush the top of a wafer with and then sprinkle on the sesame seeds to look like the top of a hamburger bun.

Now if you're lucky to have lots of hands around, start an assembly line!
One person takes a wafer and squirts a thick penny size dollop of "ketchup" on the flat side and tops it with a grasshopper cookie (burger).  Pass it to the next who puts the same size dollop of "mustard".  Next sprinkle some "lettuce" on top.  While that's happening someone is brushing all the tops with egg white and sprinkling the sesame seeds.  The lettuce sprinkler sits by the person doing the tops and he/she gets to finish the assembly by smooshing the top on just enough to let the frosting peek out the sides.  And just like that you have hamburger cookies!

I told the kids I use to make this way back before they were born and it would take me what seemed like forever to do all the steps alone.  This day they whipped out 40 in under 15 minutes!  The baby got the leftover wafers and the assemblers got the leftover frosting... perfect!

Next time you need to bring a dessert to pass give these a try.  Quick, cute and no cooking... can't get better than that!

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Holly said...

I love your blog, Tami! So helpful!!

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