Friday, July 22, 2011

Potty Training

   So I'm starting this on Monday and will add to it throughout the week and post it Friday.  I have been assured by my two friends Deb and Lisa that this will work.... we'll see.  We are potty training Addison (26 months this weekend) or at least we're giving it a try.

 I've been told to let this cute child run around naked and give her an abundance of juice to drink.  I've been told that she will potty on the floor a few times and figure it out and get to the potty.  I've been told to roll up the carpets and give it a few days, three usually at the most and we'll be golden.... so I've been told!

  Right now it is Monday 12 noon.  I've now cleaned up 3 accidents off the floor and rewarded one attempt on the potty that resulted in a teaspoon of potty.  She has gone potty a few times in the past just by luck and I've put her in regular unders a few times but she wets and gets upset so I'd put her in a pull-up or diaper after one or two times.  Deb (mom of 7 going on 8) assures me wearing unders is not helpful.  I think it's how I've always done it before but it's been a good 3 1/2 years with Hannah.  I was hoping Addison would be like Caleb who potty trained himself before age two but no such luck.  So I'm going to check in here and maybe by the time I post on Friday I'll have success.  If not we're packing it up and we'll try it again later.  I am NOT going to make it a battle, that much I know.

   8:00 pm Monday.  1 wonderful success.  As of now I'm at 7 on the floor.  Losing my positive attitude!  I was assured one day, three at the most.  Well, it's the end of 1 day and it's not looking so positive.  Hoping (praying, begging) for a better day tomorrow.  Still makes me laugh how exciting and irritating potty can be!

  Checking in Tuesday morning 11am and we are two for two ON the potty!  Woo hoo!  We have been telling her to sit every once in awhile instead of leaving it up to her.  I got up early to get the house back in order and get all my cleaning supplies ready... maybe I won't need them!  That might be a little TOO wishful thinking but we'll see.

  Wednesday morning here.  Everyone is still sleeping but wanted to quick pop in our stats from yesterday :0) We made it 6 out of 9 on the potty!  Several on her own.  Hoping today is even better.... I'd like to put some clothes on the kid here soon but I'm told wait until she has it down before adding unders.

  Wednesday, late afternoon and checking in.  Had company over and kept up with lots of juice.  More successes than I can count without me telling her to go!  Woo hoo!  We had 1 1/2 accidents.  1 potty accident after I put her in clothes for the first time so those came off quickly and then one little poopy on the potty... that was the 1/2... you can guess where the rest was.  It was found a bit later.  EWWWWW!!  One thing unders do is keep that in place!  Elllllckkk!  But all in all I'd say we're doing awesome.  I'm hoping to start putting some clothes on her soon but she's kind of liking this naked baby thing!  This evening we're going to my brothers so she'll be in a pull-up in the car and a swim diaper when we swim.  It will be interesting to see if she keeps those dry or just falls back to "the good ol' days"!

  Thursday evening and a pretty decent day.  3 accidents.  Two when we tried again to put unders on so we're sticking with naked under dresses!  And we're not getting the poppy thing unfortunately.  Tonight she says her bottom hurts and she's very fussy.  I think she needs to go but can't relax and make it happen ;0)  Poor baby.  Baseball was cancelled because of the heat so it's perfect, two more days to try at home without having to go anywhere.  Not sure if once the pull-up goes on at church she'll go backwards or not.

  So all in all Deb and Lisa were not lying! Good thing, now I can still be their friends! Just kidding!! Addison did get the hang of it pretty quickly.  Not perfect but she is going when she needs to not because I tell her to so for that I am happy.  Paul was trying to cheer me up the first day of 7 accidents and reminded me she's been doing it the other way all her life, we have to give her a bit of time.  I'll be reminding him of that by next week I'm sure! Ha!  Now Mommy could use a vacation far far from potty chairs and cleaning supplies!!  Instead I will go sit and read Hey Diddle Diddle for the millionth time and hug my baby who is growing up way to fast!

By the way....

how cute is she??!

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