Monday, July 25, 2011

My Husband is Awesome!!!

   So I have to share how awesome my husband is!  My husband, who really didn't grow up learning how to fix and repair things, is getting more and more open to trying.  Sometimes he fails, most of the time it's harder than it looked but mixed in there are the times when he just flies through like he's been doing it all of his life!

   This past weekend was one of those.  On Saturday I went to throw dinner into the oven and realized it was taking a really long time for the oven to preheat.  I go to check it and find out it's not heating AT ALL.  The broiler works, the stove top works but no oven.  I had a small hissy fit and then used the neighbors oven to finish dinner.  After Paul woke up I told him I thought it was probably the ignitor...again.  See we've had to replace an ignitor on two different stoves a total of 3 times now in the past 11 years of living here!  It's not cheap.  The part alone is a good $70-$80 so you're looking at easy $200 + to fix it.  ERRRGGGH!

   Of course it was a Saturday so I wrote to call the local repair shop on the calendar for Monday.  Sunday night we were discussing the cost and annoyance of the whole thing when I remembered last time we had something repaired the stove had been under warranty.  They brought several parts out but fixed only one.  The nice man told us to keep the parts for the future and we tucked them away.  Paul decided to just check what was in there and sure enough one of the parts WAS and ignitor!  He decided to give it a try and started tearing apart the oven.  No kidding, the part was in and working and oven reassembled in under an hour!!  For free!!  Wooooo hooooo!  I was so excited and proud of him!  So  proud I had to write this post :0)

My husband is AWESOME!!!

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