Wednesday, July 6, 2011


   So while Daddy was working we were all sitting at the table eating when my 13yo says, "Mom, I think there's a rat or something under the chair."   WHAT!!!  I then realize he means outside (thank the Lord!!) and I look and sure enough there is some "huge" gross rat looking thing under a chair.  THEN it walked into our GARAGE!!  AHHHH!  Carter decided to be the hunter and go shoo it out.  As he walked into our dark garage he remembers the electric door opener is broke and the door is too heavy for him to lift alone. There was NO WAY I was going in there!! I called Paul at work screeching something at him as I hopped online.  You see I was thinking it wasn't a rat at all but possibly a possum.  Sure enough I got online and that's what it was.  Paul tells me they can be quite vicious so I hollered, "Carter!  Don't make it mad and don't die!!"  He steps out and says, "Thanks Mom!"  Well the crazy hunter caught it... in his sisters butterfly net!!  LOL!  It ended up being a baby, not really "huge" and quite cute. We learned it's not a rat but North America's only marsupial!  Cool.  Still not quite sure why it's sometimes spelled with a silent o!!  Opossum??

   We watched him for awhile and then let him go.  Poor thing was scared to death!  I bet it won't wander during the day from it's mother while it's "suppose" to be sleeping anytime soon!  Ah, the exciting things that happen in this house!  I guess we can count it as a science lesson right?? ;0)

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Holly said...

That is pretty cool!!

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