Monday, July 11, 2011

Parenting 101

   I have only a few thoughts on parenting.  This week I thought I'd share them.  First off, since the show Survivor started I've adopted their theme for parenting...

   Is parenting not the ultimate survivor challenge??  And one of my first tips I took to heart parenting was to win!  If you can't win... make it look like you did! Ha!  So I outwit my kids sometimes with fun games that teach them obedience when they really think we are just playing.  I outplay my kids sometimes when I will turn things on them where they thought they were in control and suddenly they realize they are not.  They thought they were playing mom but, darn it, Mom was playing them!  And last but not least I WILL outlast any challenger!

   My other line of thought on parenting is a lot more Biblical!!  I love Genesis 3.  Look at the fall of man as a parent.  God set out His expectations very clearly.  He connected with His children while talking and walking in the garden.  He then knew they disobeyed and first He talks to them about it.  Then He gives them a stern discipline... all of them. Not just the one who did it but also the one who did the tempting to do evil and the one who gave in to "peer pressure"!  THEN, this is big for me, He REMOVED temptation.  I do believe there are times to leave temptation out for kids, especially when you can be right there and use it as a time to train.  But, when your child is really struggling, remove the temptation.  Help them make the right choices.

  The next few days I'll share with you how we set out our expectations and practice being obedient to them.  I'll also share how we remove temptation and help our kids make right choices.  I am still learning for sure!  But we have found some things over the years that work well for us and I think are worth sharing with others. Hope you enjoy.

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