Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family Notebook

   With all the planning I've been sharing with you perhaps you're wondering where I put it all!  Well the answer is in my Mom's Ultimate Family Organizer.  I love this notebook and have added to it, taken things out of it and made it my own!

   I have our calendar in it of course! 

 I also found those handy dandy post-it tabs and have marked other sections like meals and day pages that have a list of what we are hoping to accomplish each day.

I even have a school section for activities, our school year calendar and the current years curriculum for each child.

I put most things in page protectors so they don't rip or get sticky fingers on them.  I keep the notebook open, on the end of my kitchen counter.  When I want it out of the way I will stand it up and tuck it back under the cupboards against the back-splash.  As of the last few weeks it hasn't left the counter.  I finally figured out how to use it in a way that is helpful to me.  I love that it's a 3 ring binder so I can add to it and it has truly become "my brain" at times.  You of course can do this with just a plain ol' notebook but I love the pockets and extras that came with this one... and it's prettier than a plain ol' notebook which makes me more apt to use it!  Sad to say but true.

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