Wednesday, July 27, 2011

100 Miles Baby!

    I already did a post saying my husband rocks... so what do I say now???  On a Saturday in July, the first day of our beginning heat wave he completed his first ever century!!  What's a century?  A century is like a cyclists marathon, 100 miles of riding.  So after months of training and worrying he headed out early in the morning and joined over 1000 other people in the heat to conquer anywhere from 28-100 miles.  We did 50 miles the weekend before for our anniversary.  I was worn out and he was jumping around like a weirdo ready for more.  I had no doubt he'd finish but he was still very nervous.

  It's been a long couple months of training many hours and leaving me back at home alone :0( We wanted to do it together but quickly realized we would need way too much time away.  Maybe in a few years when everyone is a bit older but this year was not the one.  Most days of the week he'd head out for 1-5 hours and go ride ride ride.

   Well, on July 16 riding an average of 17mph, he spent 6 hours and 14 minutes "in the saddle" and beat his own goal of a 15mph average and finishing around 7 hours.  We wanted to be there to see him finish and drove out but the friends he was riding with had a tire blow and we would have had to wait another hour in the heat with a two year old ready for a nap...enough said.  BUT, we couldn't leave and not let him know how proud we were!  We had to go to plan B.  Plan A was to hold up signs and the girls brought their pom poms to wave and we were all going to say "Yeah!!" but this worked pretty good too...

   He said as soon as they turned in he could see his car and it made him smile. Strangers cheered for him when he went to load his bike and one even insisted on taking his picture so he could show us when he got home.

  He even got all teary eyed on me and thanked me a million times :0)  How can you not celebrate setting a huge goal and then not only meeting it but exceeding it??

I know I've said it before but... my husband is AWESOME!!

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