Thursday, July 21, 2011


   My lucky boy Caleb won his whole family tickets to the local minor league baseball team in town at a Memorial Day raffle!  We were so excited and he was SO proud to provide for the whole family!  We had FANTASTIC seats, the best I've ever had at ANY game!  They all did very well even 2yo Addison.  So well in fact we got compliments from the people behind us on our "beautiful family" and "such well behaved children"!  We fooled em' again! Ha!  No, seriously, they did fantastic.  Our team won.  Addison made it on the big screen because she can't NOT dance when music comes on ;0)  To top it off we signed up with our local Christian radio station to win prizes and got to spin a Wheel of Fortune type wheel.  We let Caleb since it was his night and he got us the highest score you could get!  Woo hoo!  I think we get a free CD or something fun like that.  All in all a great night and with a few granola bars stashed in the diaper bag we got out without buying any $3 pops or $6 ice creams!  Geesh!  Expensive!!  Especially times seven!  Here's a few pics...

5 rows back!!  Awesome!

Thanks Caleb!!

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