Thursday, July 28, 2011


  Carter is 13 now and REALLY wants to play tackle football "like Dad use to".  He just finished a short camp in this horrible heat and is super excited for fall ball.  I think he's a little nervous living up to all the stories about his Dad.  Paul was a great player in high school and was actually recruited by many colleges.  Because he's crazy smart too, he chose to take a full ride academic scholarship instead but it never fails when the family runs into old high school friends the first thing they do is mention to the boys how big and strong their Dad was.  Last week I found Carter outside every morning practicing drills and lifting weights.  It made me smile because the only thing this family loves more than cycling is football! Unfortunately Carter's schedule will be preventing the younger boys from playing flag football this year but Paul and I talked and we are still determined to do our best not to become one of those families that run in a million separate directions.  Let me tell you, that's getting harder and harder every year.

One of the cutest things last week was watching Carter and Paul talk about different drills, positions and moves.  I was happy to see Carter being very open to suggestions and not being a teenage know-it-all.  Here's Paul talking to him about getting low in his stance.  Notice the pink ruffly dress down in the mix...that's my girl!!

Hard to think about sweaters, hot chocolate and football when it's 100+ degrees out but it will be here before we know it!


Tracy said...

Our family loves football to. We just signed up for our draft for fantasy football. I am also signing Kaleb up for football next week. Where is Carter playing at? The Homeschool team in Byron Center? Kaleb is still playing through Jenison Cub but this is his last year doing that so we're not sure where to move him to next year.

Tami said...

He's going to do the WMCAA 78er's. It's meeting in Wyoming which made it easier for us. We'll see though, we're afraid he may have a stress fracture on his foot... if he does he won't be playing at all!

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